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Seaweed and Herbs for Hormones and Detox

with Angela Willard

Interview Summary

In this call with Clinical Herbalist and Founder of HarmonicArts.ca, Angela Willard, you'll learn how seaweeds and herbs can become natures richest treasures for detoxication, women's health and protection against women's cancers. You'll also get a walk through of the morning and evening herbal protocol designed for you to use throughout the 14 Day Winter Beauty Detox:

  • Herbal Medicine & SeaWeeds for Women's Health & Detoxification

  • Why Herbs & Seaweeds are an important component of any detox program

  • How to support the body in eliminating toxins and reducing the risk of "re-toxing" the body from poor elimination

  • An herbal protocol for morning

  • An herbal protocol for evening

  • Stress and mindset during a detox and self-care principals

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