Week 09 – Sprout-ology 101: Sprouting with Sue


Welcome to the ninth week in the main course of How To Go Raw, Not Crazy!

You’ve made it to month 3, congrats! We hope you’ve enjoyed the last two months of your lifestyle
transformation and have begun to incorporate more raw foods and happiness into your life.

The reason this lesson is going to be so important for your health is sprouts are nutritional
powerhouses. Sprouts are packed with chlorphyll, Vitamins & Minerals and are quite in in protein too.
A challenge with sprouts is they can be costly, or even un-acceassable at certain times of the year
if you live in a cold climate, or a place where locally grown organic food is scarce.

By tackling this short and sweet sprout-ology 101 lesson with our friend and amazing sprout expert
Sue, you’re going to have the skill set to sprout up all of your favourites with equipment you’ve
got right in your own home, and save money on the grocery bill. Home grown and sprouted food always
tastes fresher and more alive then if you buy it from the store, and truly the energy and love you
put into the sprouts is very much a part of this.

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Enjoy the content, and make sure to complete the exercises contained within to ensure you get the most out of this lesson.

Committed to your plant-based lifestyle success,

Co-Founders and Raw Vegan Life Lovers